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5 Best home gym equipment for KILLER abs

Remember the year 2008…? When the country went absolutely berserk over the six-pack abs of Shah Rukh Khan?

He was 42 years old and underwent a huge body transformation for dancing to the song “Dard-e-Disco”, in the movie “Om Shanti Om”, giving true inspiration to all the young and middle-aged of the country.

King Khan’s six-pack abs served as a gentle reminder that it’s never too old to get fit and get “killer curves”.

In fact, after the release of the film, the media was buzzing with the news of the actor’s getting the six pack abs in two months.

“Killer Abs” in two or three months…? Seriously?

Yes. Of course. Why not?

May be daunting for you, who may never have hit the gym in his or her life!

But… hey! If he can lose 35 kg in three months and get such flat abs, rather six packs… Then we don’t really see a reason why you can’t achieve the same feat.

After all, “Killer Abs” is the latest Trend

So, now you know that, perfect abs is the latest trend?

And after knowing the benefits of having “Killer abs”, you will definitely not want to miss a single chance of flaunting it. Right?

So here are the benefits for you:

  • While flabby abs forces you to drag the extra-weight all day long, certainly flat or ripped abs are more than just pretty to look at. They are indicative of a generally healthy lifestyle and makes you feel absolutely comfortable throughout day.
  • You also can avoid “spilling flab over your expensive jeans or showing off the bulge through your shirt. That is, with flat and good looking abs, you won’t have to worry about fitting into your favourite clothes ever again.  

And trust us… doing the right kind of exercise, going to the right trainer in the nearest gym; even using the right gym equipment is the best way to achieve the kind of body you are looking for…

Near or far… Unfortunately… after running the heavy schedule throughout the day, neither do you have the energy nor the time to go to the gym.  

Some of you may want to work-out with family at the comfort of your home, rather than spending almost Rs 18,000 annually on gym membership, personal training and other expenses related.

How ‘bout not going to gym trainer and getting a  fitter self and fitter “Killer abs” almost at the same amount with the best home gym equipment?

Don’t just blindly buy!

There are lots of classified ads and sponsored online ads flashing home gym equipments with tags ‘good quality’ in order to sell at ‘good quality prices’. But before toying around with the idea of buying just any home gym equipment – it’s necessary to spin a wheel at the owner’s house by understanding  what kind of work-out you personally look for.

If your intention is to just lose flab and look fab, at a reasonable charge, then go for a multi-functional treadmill, Cosco Exercise Bike or skipping rope as a home gym set.

You need to look at various websites for getting the above mentioned home gym equipment, where you get the chance to look into the details of the product. Go through the pros and cons and compare the prices.

Exercise becomes fun with the best home gym equipment

However, for various reasons when running outside your building premises, for your abs seems to be really painful for you, getting a multi-functional treadmill as home gym equipment will definitely be fun.

You can switch up your workouts to include a variety cardio that includes walking, jogging, sprinting and running.

Commit to that combo and nothing will stop you from losing weight, getting “killer abs”  and  increasing your endurance!

Home-Fit Treadmill at affordable Rates

And when it comes to buying home gym set online, Budget Folding Treadmills, Folding Treadmills and Non Folding Treadmills, are some in the list, which you can keep in mind

Amongst all three of them you can easily go for Budget Folding Treadmills and Folding Treadmills.

 Since the budget folding treadmills provides:

  • the basic facility for walking and jogging to user,
  • consumes less space,
  • provide convenience to the households, making cleaning easy  and are
  • available at economical rate, almost in between Rs 4000 to Rs 8000, you can give budget folding treadmills a thought while buying the home gym equipment.

On the flip side, since this gym equipment doesn’t offer hi-tech features like chest strap heart rate monitoring and are made up of lighter materials, the user has to compromise on the quality.

However , Folding  Treadmill provide more features as compared to the budget folding models.  Along with the feature of getting into a smaller size when not in use through folding. They provide the user with additional hi-tech features like

  • Bluetooth,
  • Wi-fi
  • Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitoring
  • large easy-to-read display,
  • safety key feature, etc.

So, if you planning to get a treadmill get a good-quality folding treadmill with prices starting from Rs 8000 to Rs 18,000, with all the facilities and master the art of exercising just like this pooch to look like your favourite Bollywood star. And if you are thinking too much on the investment side, you have the option of choosing the Budget Folding Treadmill Models at a reasonable price. 

A Budget-Friendly Exercise Bike can also help you get “Killer Abs”

Uff! This “belly fat” is a huge concern for you? Cause you don’t want to sit with a list of diseases including cardiovascular and diabetes at the early 30s or later 40s .

As per your doctor’s advice, you have heard cycling to be a very good exercise to keep your diseases under control.

So, instead of taking 20 rounds around your building complex every day getting a budget-friendly stationary exercise bike as home gym equipment is a smart choice.  This is undoubtedly, an effective choice for people of various fitness levels. And regular workouts can result in reducing hundreds of calories all throughout your body. Most importantly, your belly fat other than giving you a nice sleep at night.

Before purchasing the stationary exercise bike as a home gym set online all that you should look into:  

  • A solid frame offering plenty of support and stability all while being light.
  • Strong flywheel ensuring that your every workout will be challenging.
  • Comfortable, ergonomic seat and padded handlebars greatly reduce fatigue during workout.
  • If your budget allows you, you can look more expensive, with better features including dumbbells or a stepper and twister. There are bikes that are modified as elliptical trainers and provide the benefits of both. See whatever fancies you.
  • Make sure your seller gives you a guarantee card of the company. As at the end of the day, you will want to invest in a good bike that can take you in all your fierceness while working out.
  • If a user in your family has back issues, you should get a bike with an attached back rest. Otherwise, DO NOT GET unnecessarily lured into buying a more expensive model just for the sake of an added feature.
  • Go for something adjustable, movable, much like a trainer, with prices starting from Rs 2000.  

Wish to check out the reasonable prices?

Here’s the link for you:

A multi-functional exercise ball works wonders for your abs  

Be it crunches or push-ups, good news is that, with a multi-functional exercise ball at the convenience of your home, you definitely do not need a trainer. With the opportunity of strengthening and toning your legs, arms, chest and abdomen, this is a perfect home gym equipment choice for you and your “Killer abs”

Prices may vary… and starts from the lowest range. Almost from Rs 700.

Only choose from the assorted range of colours available as per your choice.

After all who dosen’t want to get a physic like  Hritik Roshan

Exercise Wheel for your Visible Abdominal

An exercise wheel as home gym equipment is a pretty stable exercise tool, which allows you to perform ab rollouts in a much better way. By getting this home gym equipment, the focus is on the “core”. Basically involving the tyres of the visible abdominals.

Home Gym Equipment Remains Incomplete without a Skipping Rope

Did you know? Mere 10 minutes of jumping rope can be equivalent to a 30 minute jog. It helps you tighten the muscles underneath that pesky flab and get into those sleek six packs of the OSO’ s SRK or Ghajni’s Amir Khan. Thus, proving the fact that home gym equipment remains incomplete without a  skipping rope.

The best part about a skipping rope is that, it takes the least space and can be carried even in a handbag.

The happiest part is a gym-based skipping rope’s price starts from Rs 99.  

So…What are you waiting for ?

Come on!  Go online on and get the best Home Gym Equipment for yourself now! Happy Exercising at Home!

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