Boost Up Your Immunity System

Honestly speaking, there is no magic food or pill that can protect you against corona virus. If you are thinking of immunity boosters, there are multiple options available. But you should not try them out with the hope of protecting yourself against corona virus. Such misleading claims often do great damage. But it is always wise to ramp up your immunity levels and stay healthy.  

There are ways to keep the immune system less prone to attacks and it gives a feeling of better control over your system. Frequent washing of hands, good nutrition, sound sleep, meditation, and stress management are effective ways to stay healthy.

Focus on diet to boost immunity. Nutritious diet ensures a steady supply of nutrients. Fill your plate with fruits and vegetables. Try carrots, sweet potatoes, mangoes, spinach, broccoli, and apricots for beta carotene which gets converted to vitamin A needed for a robust immune system. It works by helping antibodies respond to toxins and foreign substances.

Oranges, strawberries and broccoli provide Vitamin C and it increases blood levels of antibodies and helps in differentiating white blood cells. It helps the body determine what kind of protection is required. Higher level of vitamin C (200 milligrams) reduces the duration of cold symptoms. You can easily get 200 milligrams of vitamin C from oranges, grapefruit, kiwi, strawberries, red and green peppers, broccoli, cooked cabbage and cauliflower.

Consume eggs, cheese, tofu and mushrooms for Vitamin D that regulates the production of a protein that selectively kills infectious agents such as bacteria and viruses. Vitamin D supplements help to protect against acute respiratory tract infections. Good food sources of vitamin D include fatty fish, including canned fish like salmon, eggs, fortified milk and products such as cheese, fortified juice, tofu and mushrooms. Vitamin D deficiency – due to a lack of sun-induced vitamin D production — can debilitate the immune system. There is no clinical evidence to prove Vitamin D supplements protect you from corona virus. But it is wise to get enough of it through your diet.  

Zinc helps cells in your immune system grow and differentiate – aside from shortening the duration of symptoms of common cold. Try beans, nuts, cereal, poultry, yoghurt, and seafood for zinc. Milk, eggs, cheese, soya bean, and nuts are good sources of protein that is a key building block for immune cells and antibodies. It is derived from animal and plant-based sources.

Protein comes from both animal and plant-based sources and includes fish, poultry, mutton, milk, yogurt, eggs, cottage cheese, nuts, seeds, beans, and lentils. Bananas, onions, garlic, beans help boost the health of the microbiome. Sources of probiotics include yoghurt.

Water, soups, vegetables, and fruits are good for the body’s general immune health. Fortify your body with dietary staples to stay immune when the world is fighting the corona virus challenge. 

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