A caring Kiss to Rejuvenate Life

Are you more of an “air kiss” when it comes to greeting your friends? Do you often run way when you see your aunt coming to you for with a big kiss in family functions? 

My dearies! It’s time for you to buck up!

Kissing has its own health benefits. Kissing your friends and family members has loads of mental and physical benefits.

Read on to find out the benefits.

Kiss for that Happy Feeling

Kissing prompts your brain to release chemicals like serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin to make you feel happy and cheerful.

However, this is not just about your happiness.

Did you know that, your lips have densely packed sensory neurons in them? And it gets stimulated when touched by another’s.

In fact, the sebum release from this touch plays a lovely role in bonding and strengthening your relationship.

As per MSN report : “This oxytocin is the hormone of love, and the better the oxytocin levels, the more capacity for love,” explains psychotherapist Arthur Janov, Ph.D., author of “The Biology of Love”.

Kiss to Burn Calories

Kissing may not entirely replace your workout sessions, but healthy kissing may definitely burn 8-16 calories from your body.  

But, mind it!  That kiss should not be too shabby!

Kiss and Reduce your Blood Pressure

Did you know that, kissing is good for your heart?


Kissing actually dilates your blood vessels, increasing the blood flow in your body, thereby decreasing your blood pressure.

Kiss to Relieve Cramps and Headache

The effect of blood-vessel dilation after a kiss helps in relieving the pain, especially headache or menstrual cramps

Kiss to Boosts your Immune System

A 2014 study, shows that, if you and your partner kiss very often, you will share the same microbiota in your saliva, which will strengthen your immune system.

Kiss to Tone your facial muscles

When you kiss someone you happen to include 2 to 34 muscles of your face. By kissing very often, you are using all your muscles of your face and neck like an exercise.

This exercise increases your collagen production, which contributes to toning up your facial muscle and making you look younger.

Kiss Makes your Productive at Work

A study reveals that, those men who get a lovely kiss before starting the day for work earn more money.

No. No. Don’t laugh it away!

A kiss will make you feel happy throughout the day, boost your self confidence and will definitely make you feel productive at work.

Kiss to check the compatibility of your partner

Shows that 1964 classic “The Shoop Shoop Song” was right! It’s in his kiss!

As per a 2013 survey, on one hand first kiss can be a turn off. While on the other hand, it is a “mate assessment device”, which means it helps you assess the suitability, mainly the physical compatibility of your potential partner. Happy Kiss Day!

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