Is Egg Whites Healthy Enough

Is Egg Whites Healthy Enough?

You love eggs…? Given a chance, you can manage to eat eggs twice or thrice a day?


Eating eggs is a healthy habit!

You should know that it makes you rich with proteins, vitamins, phosphorous, calcium and zing.

While the egg yolks are the major source of vitamins and minerals, besides fat and cholesterol and about half of protein; Egg whites, the white part of an egg between the shell and the yolk, is rich in protein, sodium, selenium, folate and calcium, besides minerals. It also offers around 16 calories.

The white part however, carries no saturated fats or cholesterol and is considered healthy.

An important ingredient for building muscles, egg white is a preferred choice for people with heart conditions and diabetes.

It is even effective to control the secretion of oil in the skin, making it a wonderful option for skin care.

But, this might come to your surprise that, the whites can adversely affect your health.

Read on, to find out if egg whites are unhealthy, why is it so?

Increases Allergies  

Having too much of protein, like in the egg whites, is harmful for your immune system. Symptoms of allergy such as runny nose, swelling, hives, itchy skin, nausea and vomiting, are seen.

Not just that!

Eating too much of egg whites can also lead to symptoms of swelling in the throat and low blood pressure as well as anaphylactic shock.

Leads to Food Poisoning

Raw egg whites can be contaminated by Salmonella. Salmonella is a bacteria found in chickens, which is often found in the egg or the eggshell- entering your body deems to be dangerous and leads to food poisoning.

Therefore, it is either better to avoid eating raw eggs. Or, cooking the eggs for longer period of time and at a high temperature.

Reduces Biotin  

Eating raw eggs on a regular basis can increase the risk of biotin deficiency. And deficiency of Biotin, means, deficiency of Vitamin H or Vitamin B7. This may lead to skin conditions like cradle cap and dermatitis, lack of muscle tone or coordination, muscle pain and hair loss.

To prevent the bacteria from entering into your body, you can eat boiled or fried eggs.  

High in Protein

One advantage of eating eggs is that it is high in protein. But it can really be a threat to your kidneys.  And someone with acute kidney problem is advised to consume up to 0.8 grams of protein only. Which means only boiled but half egg a day. That too during breakfast.

Those who have liver problems, should consult your doctor before starting diet that includes egg whites. 

Eggs definitely are the most important part of your healthy meal. But, it is necessary to be aware of it’s side-effects. Take Care!

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