Haunting: A New Dating Trend that will scare you!

If you are active on social media, then you will understand that… how difficult dating and maintaining a romantic relationship is! And to what extend it scares you, these days!

You must have noticed that, the moment you accept someone as a friend on Facebook, they will start following you not only on Facebook, but also on Instagram or Twitter.

By accepting them, you are actually giving them a foothold in your life. And later on it becomes very difficult for you to shake it loose.

Quite humorously, this awful habit of lingering of your ex in your digital life is known as Haunting. These are the “ghosts” from your past. Your past or your ex-partner, with whom you had few lovely moments together.

Although you have broken up, that person happens to reappear by liking or commenting on social media feeds or messaging you facebook.

In this way, they can indirectly stay in touch with you. As they fear that by directly talking to you, you may not reciprocate with the same kind of feelings.

Why do people Haunt?

However, from this habit, you get to know that you are getting their attention without directly talking to them… without actually telling them about your feelings.

Do you remember the plot of the story “The Great Gatsby”? Do you remember, how in this story, Jay Gatsby gives lavish parties to get Daisy’s attention?

And if you have been doing this lately, or may be someone has been doing it to you, then this means that either you are “Haunting” someone.

 Or someone is “Haunting” you.

There are several reasons of “Haunting” you, like :

  • They may not have been over with you and this is a way of maintaining a connection.
  • This may also show that, they are still interested in you and the relationship can be re-thought.
  • There are few others, who have less honourable intentions. In spite of moving on, they may want to stay in your life.
  • Or maybe they enjoy the authority they have on your mind. They like the feeling that your comments or likes force you to think about them again.
  • By doing such paranormal activity, they are not just being an observer in your digital presence, but they are ensuring you know that they’re watching you religiously.

Are you “Haunting”?

You must have posted something online, 5 minutes ago, and you becomes restless to know if your crush has seen it or not or liked it or not?

Then my friend, you are “haunting”.

We understand that almost everyone is guilty of doing this.

So, don’t worry even if you are.

But, how to deal with “Haunting”?

Some methods might seem really harsh, but when you are trying to let go then the most simple way to deal with the horror of haunting is :

  • To un-follow and block the person responsible.
  • You can also un-friend the person on facebook and change your privacy settings so that, only your friends can see your profile.

We understand, clear links between the number of social media channels helps in furthering communication as well as relationship, thereby strengthening the ties. Therefore, if there is a problem, then it becomes very difficult to come out. So, control being “Haunted” and stop “Haunting” and move on in life for everlasting bliss!

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