Our Health is Our Responsibility

It is truly said that Health is Wealth. So it is our responsibility to take care of our health. Irrespective of any season, we must follow some rules to maintain a good health throughout the year.

Some useful ways for a better health-

  • Start your day with a glass of warm lemon water- 

It is one of the most beneficial health drink. It detoxifies your body and improves immune system. It also boosts up your digestion, metabolism. It is also a blessing for liver. So just add this super beneficial drink in your day to day routine and enjoy a better health.

  • Drink Water-

If it comes for hydration, there is nothing better than water. It also helps in weight loss. So try to drink around 8-10 glass of water every day.

  • Include Greens in your routine- 

Add green leafy vegetable and smoothies in your breakfast. As breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it must be full of fibers. So include greens and enjoy life to the fullest.

  • Yoga and Meditation- 

Try to do 30 minutes Yoga and 30 minutes of Meditation. Meditation can be done twice or thrice a week depending on availability of time.

  • Ditch Sugar-  

You must understand sugar has no benefits. It’s a kind of drug which increases our craving for sweets.  So try to avoid sugar as much as possible.

  • Make Nuts Your Snacks-  

Instead of having chips and other snacks, you can have nuts as your snacks. Tasty and healthy.

  • Chew More-

While eating chew more. It helps in proper and better digestion of the food and keeps digestive system strong.

  • Give time to your hobbies-  

Spend some time on the tasks you enjoy. Be it cooking, singing, dancing, gardening, reading books, etc. Spending time on your hobbies assure the better utilization of your spare time. It also helps in keeping you motivated.

  • Cheat Day-

We must follow a healthy diet chart, but we all have some unhealthy choices as well. So it is absolutely ok to cheat your diet plan and fix a day  when you follow your unhealthy choices like, sweets, pizza, burger, fried food, etc. But don’t forget to follow your exercise routine.

  •  Sleep-  

When it comes to health benefits, sleep is a panacea for all almost all health issues. So never forget to gift yourself a sleep of 7-9 hours. It is very important for a healthy mind and body.

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