Healthy Eating in Today’s Age

All of us enjoy an occasional snack, don’t we? The choice we make at this point is the biggest obstacle or entry to a healthier lifestyle. With the kind of lifestyle we lead and the busy schedule, we have it seems impossible to eat the right kind of food. A person would rather prefer to grab a quick bite of a sandwich or buy quick-cooked meals. Technology has made our food habits convenient as well, just heat some water, add that to your quick-cooked noodles and voila, your lunch/dinner/snack is ready!

But has convenience surpassed taking care of personal food habits? Have you ever wondered how much sodium does a cup of quick-cook noodles contain? A cup of quick-cooked noodles has approximately 2300mg of sodium. Calculate the extra amount you might be consuming in other, day to day snacks and meals. This can adversely affect blood pressure and increase heart disease risk. Try switching to roasted nuts and seeds which are filling and a great alternative to unhealthy snacking. Fruit slices dipped in lemon juice give a taste great and the tanginess of it provides a refreshing flavour. If you like munching on chips, raagi chips or raagi nachos are a safe option.

Basically, try looking for options, there are online websites that provide a great variety of healthy snacking ideas and you can purchase them from online portals as well, thanks to the digital age.

Don’t delay your health, switch today!

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