The pressure of looking good is taking a toll on modern women.

Ladies! Do you remember the 90s era? Do you remember the show Rendezvous with Simi Garewal? Do you remember the Simi Garewal’s conversation with Rekha, who was born as Bhanurekha. In that show, she lived her entire life. She spoke about her father, her mother and how she entered the films at a tender age of 13. She said that, she worked shoulder to shoulder with the male actors of the Indian Film Industry and received cheap Hindi-worded comments on her pretty looks. But, she never bowed to them and wore her confidence on her sleeves.

Not, just Rekha, in fact in the Miss World Priyanka Chopra’s life also we have heard herself talking about her successful shifts in destiny. But, in one of her Women Empowerment speeches, she herself has pointed out that some producers and directors of the industry, had asked her to agree to some painful conditions for being part of their movie. Cause if she wouldn’t agree to those clauses, as a female actor she would get replaced.

Yes. That’s how easy it is! Even today, every woman is replaceable based on the choice of colour in this world!

Otherwise, who could have imagined a movie like Stree, subjected to a woman, who can’t find love and respect and almost becomes ghost haunting in search if what she deserves? In fact, she’s seen as a scantily clad woman in fake long hair bares her midriff and dances raunchily around 50 men.

Not just in movies… in real life… in regular life… we are seeing women almost going to the extent of  killing her out of the pressure to look good. In this century also, you are still tricked into thinking that if you are well-dressed and look slim, you will somehow look better and feel more successful?

When all that you have in mind is looking beautiful, you happen to get and use everything from the brightening creams to the cold wax strips and still like to take chance with designer clothes, waxed bikini lines, perfect eyebrows and narrow waists.

In fact, In 2006, there was a story from Glamour magazine about 3, 64, 000 women who underwent breast augmentation surgeries and almost 85% of them faced health risks and complications.

However, more recently, there was another article on “husband stitch”.

And, what is it?

This additional stitch in the vagina, which the new mothers are all subjected to undergo. And humorously enough, this is done to make the vagina narrower.

Isn’t that disgraceful?

According to UR Medicine, Rochester, approximately 90% of those who get anorexia are women between the ages of 12 and 25 years old.

All said and done… the irony is even today; men do not have to feel the same pressure to look good, thin and perfectly presentable. Apart from a few who belong to the Indian Film Industry.

But, when the regular women and young girls are taken into consideration, they have to grow above their self-worth. Otherwise, no one will swipe right. In fact, the modern mothers with a traditional mindset think, teach and groom into their young daughters.

Girls! There’s obviously nothing wrong in wanting to look good and being healthy. But, it’s also important to draw a line somewhere. As you should remember that your self-worth, does not come from your perfect make-up, beautiful hair-style or highly-fashionable clothes.

Beauty comes from your heart and strength. Feeling confident about yourself, regardless of your shape or size and accepting yourself the way you are, this #InternationalWoman’sDay

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