Let your skin glow, this winter

Winter is here! And winter means… you will comfortably wrap yourself in cozy woolens, thick scarves and knitted socks.

You would want to soak up the warm winter sun and definitely not want to miss those lovely hot cups of coffee to keep you wonderfully warm from the inside.

But, what about your outside? Your skin!

We understand winters are rough on your skin.  

With the cold and dry air, your skin becomes dry during winters.

In fact, dry and parched skin without moisture is the most common problem, during this season.

Even in the confines of your house, your skin doesn’t feel safe. The moist air inside your house as well as the room heaters robs your skin of its moisture. It makes your skin crack, sometimes even bleeds.

Before it worsens further, follow a proper skin care regime and protect your skin from this harsh weather.

Read on to find out how will keep it healthy and glowing, during this season:

Keep your skin Hydrated

When it’s cold outside, we don’t drink enough water throughout the day. But, you should remember that, this is the time when humidity is most likely to strip your poor skin of its moisture. So, you should sip little by little throughout the day, rather than gulp in a lot.

In fact, indulging in the warm winter teas, blending it with ginger and lemon is a wonderful way to keep your skin healthy, cozy and hydrated during winters…

Stop Using Soap and choose your cleanser carefully

Soap makes your skin dry further. Therefore, it is better to moisturize your skin with gentle cleansing lotion or cleansing cream. Moisturizing your skin, during this season, in the morning and before going to bed, replenishes your skin. And that is very important.

There are many high street cleansers as well as moisturizers, which actually contain harsh chemicals. They are very harmful for your skin. Why?

They have ingredients like alcohol and added fragrances, which won’t do any favours for your dryness… or your cracked skin. They will rather damage your skin by taking the natural oils away.

Mostly, cream-based cleansers as well as heavy moisturizers, takes off the day’s dirt and make up and keeps the moisture in. 

Home Remedy for skin exfoliation

When you have dry and itchy skin, during this season, you must definitely have thought about exfoliation? You will be happy to know that exfoliation not only takes off the dry, dead skin cells, but helps your regenerate new ones. Use natural exfoliating scrubs like orange scrub, to make your skin say thank you.

Or go for home remedies every night, before going to bed. Mix one tablespoon of milk cream in a few drops of glycerin, castor oil and rose water. Mix it well. Apply it all over your face, neck and hands. Leave it overnight and rinse it in water in the morning. This will act as protective barrier for your skin and keep it well moisturized and glowing.  

Home-Made Facial 1

Mix ¼ cup yoghurt, 1 tablespoon honey, 1 tablespoon milk powder and 2 yeast tablets powdered. Apply it on your face and leave it for 10 minutes. Splash it with cool water afterwards. A must-try home facial for at least a week, this winter, will give you glowing results.

Home-Made Facial 2

Use essential oils and make your own facial oil. Take 1 tablespoon almond oil, add 1 drop of jasmine oil and 1 drop of patchouli oil – Mix well and message your face with this mixture for 15 minutes. Wipe off and apply moisturizer at end. Can you see the shine, there?

Short Showers are Better

Reaching for that dial and turning up the heat to have a long, hot shower? Wow! Tempting! Isn’t it?

But. Hot showers and long baths are a big No-No!

That’s because hot water will dehydrate you and strip the necessary oils from your body.

And when you come out of the shower, your skin will look irritatingly red and itchy.

Shows that; you have over done it.

However, all is not lost.

We’ve got you covered in the next step.

Use a Natural Moisturizer immediately after washing

Use an oil-based natural moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and glowing. Apply the moisturizer on wet skin, to lock in as much moisture as possible. Don’t forget to include your hands and your feet… After all they are most hardworking parts of your body!

Is Sunscreen just for summertime Only?

No…! Sunscreen isn’t just for summertime, only. Winter sun combined with snow glare can damage your skin, greatly. Therefore, sunscreen is as important during winters to shield your skin from those harmful UVs, as during the warmer months. Opt for a sunscreen at least SPF 30 protection and ensure that you cover your face, neck and hands.  

And if you are staying outside for a very long time, apply it frequently.

Oil is good

Oiling is good for your skin.

Only spare the scalp when you are oiling your hair strands. As excessive oiling of the scalp causes dandruff.

And dandruff tends to worsen during winters.

But, not all oil is appropriate for your face. So, choose your oil with care.

Most importantly, look for “nonclogging” oils, like avocado, mineral, primrose, or almond oil.

Not Shea or Butter! They will clog your  facial pores.

Instead, go for lotion which contains “humectants”, a class of substances, including glycerine, sorbitol and alpha-hydroxy acids.

A definitive moisturizer for your skin to keep it glowing.

Give Your Hands a Hand

Remember, the skin on your hands is comparatively thinner than most parts of the body and has fewer oil glands. It’s usually difficult to keep your hands moist, especially in cold, dry weather, leading to itchiness and cracking. Therefore, it’s better to wear gloves, whenever you go outside your house.

By chance, you need to wear wool to keep your hands warm, slip on a thin cotton glove first, to avoid any irritation the wool might cause.  

Cracked Lips? No… No!

Your lips… One such part of your face which suffers a lot during this harsh weather. Since they do not have oil glands, they go through a lot of damage. Therefore, a coat of Vaseline overnight and a little lip balm in the morning will make your lips look very soft and will not stop from glowing.

Home-Remedy for your Lips

You can also crush some rose petals, mix them with a little butter and apply on your lips before going to bed. Keep it overnight and wake up to an absolutely smooth and soft lips in the morning. This a wonderful home remedy, that works very well during winters.  

Grease Up Your Feet

Those minty foot lotions are lovely in the hot summer months. But during the winter, your feet needs stronger stuff. Try finding lotions that contain petroleum jelly or glycerine. You can also exfoliants to get the dead skin off periodically.

All said and done, a fresh and hydrated look can give you an anti-ageing effect too!

Remember, skin loses it’s hydration with age.

Regular moisturizing, oiling and use sunscreen not only adds to the winter care, but can keep you from showing signs of ageing.

So, go ahead and flaunt that flawless healthy and glowing skin, this winter with these skin hacks and enjoy the weather to its full glory. Happy winters!

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