Not all flus are coronavirus. Some are just seasonal changes

During seasonal changes, since my childhood, I remember, I used to be badly suffering from cough and cold. It used to begin with some sneezes, then a bad headache, dry cough, running nose and last but not the least high fever. At the wake of such illness, those days I used to miss my classes and these days I miss my office.

And it’s just not me! 

Like me, there are many of you who go down with cold and flu, during the seasonal change. Right?

So, what causes such cold? 

You must have heard your grandmother and mother telling you not to go outside in wet hair, during extreme heat or to dress up warmly during the winter chills, otherwise you will catch a cold.

No… that is not true…

Quite interestingly, studies show that most cold and flus come from different groups of viruses, like rhinovirus and influenza virus. They are born during the colder weather, and appear as invisible droplets in the air that you breath. They can remain alive as droplets in the air for as long as 3 hours or even more.So, when you touch your nose or mouth after touching someone or some thing, that’s been infected by one these viruses, they get inside the protective lining of your nose and throat and trigger a reaction to your immune system. At the influence of these viruses, you might feel very tired, there will be feelings of muscle ache and loss of appetite. You might also feel difficulty in breathing. Repetation of the same symptoms, during the seasonal change,  every year, makes the mucus of your nose thick and you start suffering from severe bronchitis or even pneumonia in the latter part of your life. 

How long does it stay?

But such contagious symptoms start 2 or 3 days after a person has been exposed to the virus. Some viruses are contagious upto to 2 or 3 weeks. Well, some clear up within a week, only. 


During such times, don’t worry whether to feed a cold or starve a fever, eat whenever you want to. If you seek doctor’s advise along with antibiotics he will tell you to take a hot shower bath everyday, get plenty of rest and drink loads of fluids, so that you look fit and healthy by the time you join your school, college or office. 

However, there’s a difference when it comes to coronavirus

At wake of this coronavirus pandemic, recent studies show that, this “crown-shaped” new breed of virus, NCOV, gets transmitted from wild animals to humans and affects dangerously when a person carries it to another. It has symptoms similar to rhinovirus or influenza virus like the dry cough, runny nose, high fever, diarrhea, myalgia, respiratory problems. But gradually, infact within 1 or 2 weeks this might range upto multi organ failure depending on the age, gender(victims 51% male), previous medical history of an individual. Research shows that this virus  has emerged from the genetics of snakes and bats, and since December this has affected the whole world dangerously. Athough a lot of research has been done to invent an effective antidote, right course of treatment and proper medicines to control the infection and eradicate the disease, but there has not been any remarkable improvement till now. Governments of various countries, Doctors, Researchers and the Health Ministries play a major role in rescue by setting in protocols like,Wearing masks, preferably N95 and using  effective sanitizing process (like washing  hands with soap and water or 40% or more alcohol-based hand sanitizer, sneezing or coughing with secured cover, limiting touch), to maintain proper balance of life, making social-distancing and isolation as the most important part, and this is the present scenario. 

But, you are still not sure whether you have COVID-19?

Although, most of the symptoms of the novel coronavirus deems similar with the common cold and flu, one key difference in the symptoms of coronavirus is the shortness of breath. Shortness of breath is a common sign of COVID-19 which occurs after 5 to 10 days of the first fever and proceeds up to the severest kind of pneumonia.

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