Refigrate Well

Refrigerate your food well to Lengthen the life of your favourite food

There must have been many times, when you must have bought some fruits, vegetables even meat and have forgotten about them completely? You must have been sitting and watching TV, when you suddenly realize there is an awful smell…Unable to identify from where the smell is coming, you open the door of the refrigerator in your house and find some of your favorite fruits and vegetables have already started rotting.

When the food has already started rotting, the best thing is to throw them away. But, throwing your food away almost on a daily basis is of a terrible waste and very expensive? Right

We understand that, cleaning and organizing stuff in your refrigerator is painful for you. But you can easily preserve the quality of your food and make it last longer only if you  learn a few storage techniques.

Read on to find out how:

  • The Lowest Rack is the Safest for your Meat

Do you have a separate meat compartment in your refrigerator?


Then, remember to store uncooked meat or seafood in a separate plastic bag, bowl or pan, on the lowest rack of your fridge. This keeps the juices from dripping on to the other foods and contaminate them. 

  • Share a separate bowl for your fruits and veggies

What’s more? Storing certain fruits and vegetables in the close quarters of your fridge is one of the reasons to spoil them sooner. That’s because some of them produce ethylene gas, while other items are sensitive to it. The solution therefore is to store these item in room temperature so that, and in separate bowl.  

  • Do not store your greens improperly

How many times have you seen the slimy green bunch stuck to the sides of the plastic bag? Sticking paper towels inside it can prevent the residue from accumulating, as the towel soaks up the additional moisture. 

You can also treat them like fresh flowers. Fresh herbs, asparagus and green onions can all be stores upright in a tall glass of fresh water. You just need to trim the stems, cover them with a bit of plastic wrap and place them in the fridge.

Otherwise,  most of the fridges have a vegetable crisper designed with them. Sometimes they come with temperature control. This is a good place to store yourgas-sensitive vegetables. The area is sealed off from the rest of the fridge and the veggies remain fresh for a longer period of time.

Do not forget to refrigerate cut, peeled or cooked fruits and vegetables.

  • Never wash your Fruits and Veggies before refrigerating them!

It is a good habit to wash fruits before eating them. Storing washed fruits in the fridge adds excess moisture and speeds up the decay.

You can also consider using vinegar solution on them, to actually help them stay fresh for days, sometimes weeks, even longer. Vinegar solution destroys the bacteria and mold on your fruits and veggies.

  • Never wait too long to put your groceries away or in

We know that, some of you may wait too long to put the groceries in or away. Do you know that, it is very important to refrigerate your meat, dairy products and other staples of fridge within two hours of your purchasing?  Why? That’s because, bacteria can multiply rapidly in what we call “the danger zone” of 40 degree to 140 degree Fahrenheit. The growth of bacteria not just risks your food, but risks your health too.

  • Do not Keep the Perishables in the fridge door

Do you have the tendency of storing things like eggs, milk, dairy products, even meat in the fridge door? But did you know that, temperature fluctuates there the most?  Eggs remain fresh for longer period of time, if kept in cartons, not in egg trays or door shelf. However, refrigerate all dairy products promptly and preferably at the back of the fridge, as it’s colder. Cover them well. They should not pick up other odors.  

  • Still using the old plastic containers?

We know that, it is not possible for you to afford a full set of brand new storage vessels for your favourite food items. But, if you’re still using the same plastic containers, that you were using three years ago, it’s time you need to start rotating them. It’s important to store your food in a manner that will allow you to see it. Therefore, it is also important for you invest in some nicer and cleaner containers to make your food storage easy and fun.

  • Rotate the food items in your refrigerator

You must have the habit of keeping cooked food stored in your fridge so as you have it later on? Or, you might have fruits and veggies stored for many days; refrigerate it promptly to ensure they don’t enter the danger zone between 40°F and 140°F. In fact, it’s safe to store then in large amounts in several small, shallow containers to cool faster.

Otherwise, you can follow the “first-in, first-out” method. In this method, date the stored food carefully so that, you can keep the newest food in the front and oldest at the back. Do not forget to discard the leftovers after four days.

  • Adjust the Temperature of Refrigerator and Freezer

Keeping the temperature of your refrigerator below 40 degree Fahrenheit and freezer at 0 degree Fahrenheit to prevent the food-spoiling bacteria from growing slowly.

  • Understanding the shelf life of food

If you’re someone, who has the habit of buying the same kind of food, you will have the knowledge of which food will last how much. This will also help you eat well and will prevent you from throwing away those food that’s still good.

Refrigerate Well to Stay Healthy!

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