See Better With Contact Lens

The global response has been quite encouraging and its impact shows in the domestic market as well. There are lakhs of people – from all age groups – who wear contact lens in India today. To experience better vision, thousands of people switch to contact lens every year. As a result, it has emerged as a smart alternative for the young generation that wants to avoid wearing glasses.    

Before joining the growing family of contact lens users, you require clarity regarding how contact lens actually improves your vision. In order to get a proper understanding of how contact lenses work, you should be familiar with how the eye works. When light reflects off an object, it courses through the cornea and the pupil. Then the light passes through the lens, which focuses on the retina that converts the light into electrical impulses that are sent to the brain. Blurred vision occurs on account of refractive errors.

Contact lenses can fix refractive errors. These are small prescription lenses that float in contact with the tear film of the eye. Just as eyeglasses, the contact lens refracts and focuses the light on the retina. There are multiple types of contact lenses available for various kinds of refractive errors.

In the case of nearsightedness, far objects appear indistinct and close objects are clearly visible. Standard contact lenses fix this common condition. When the condition is farsightedness, near objects appear hazy. Standard contact lenses are capable of setting it right. 

Presbyopia is an age-related condition that causes near objects to be hazy. It is caused by the hardening of the lens in the eye. People with this complication need multifocal lenses as it can correct both far and near vision problems.  

Astigmatism occurs when the eye does not focus light on the retina in an even manner because of the irregular-shaped cornea. A special type of contacts lens is needed. 

Advanced research and technology have vastly improved contact lens design and the lens material. These have helped increase the number of people seeing clearly again without the burden of eyeglasses. On account of the growing demand in cities and towns, contact lenses have become affordable for all. The combined benefits of convenience and clear vision have made contact lens a popular choice these days.

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