Super Specialty Hospital Facilities in Ranchi

In recent years, there has been a growing demand for super specialty hospitals. Despite the presence of several old hospitals like Kanke General Hospital And Research Centre Pvt Ltd in Kanke, Hill View Hospital & Research Center, Dr. Lal’s Hospital & Research Centre, S M Memorial Hospital, Lal Nursing Home, Rani Hospital, Nagarmal Modi Seva Sadan, Lions Ranchi East Niramaya, Nath Nursing Home, Rani Children Hospital & Research Centre, Anjuman Islamia Hospital and many more… the people of Ranchi have felt the need to have a super specialty hospital in the city. For highly specialised care and critical medical attention, they had no option but to go to other metro cities for world-class treatment facilities.

Going out of the city is fraught with several difficulties. It affects the job and hampers the business. People cannot remain away from their homes for long. Besides, travelling and lodging expenses swell up the financial burden, as the cost of living is high in metro cities. With super speciality medical facility unavailable in the local or nearby areas, they had to make this choice most unwillingly. The people of Ranchi prayed fervently for the setting up of a super speciality hospital in their city.  

Their prayers have now been answered and in this Modern age Super Speciality Hospitals like Santevita, Orchid, Bhagwan Mahavir Medica Superspecialty Hospital (MEDICA) and Medanta are setting up operations in the city. With this new, fully-equipped hospital offering super speciality treatment in multiple disciplines, the people of Ranchi have now got the much-needed relief from venturing out of the state during emergency situations.

A super-speciality hospital is supposed to provide the best medical services and rope in the best doctors to offer outstanding medical treatment. It is not a matter of nomenclature alone – a super speciality hospital has to be so in letter and spirit that delivers in order to build trust.  

Affordable and reasonable in terms of budget and pricing, this super speciality hospital has been set up to serve various segments of society. Whether it is room charges, ICU facilities or surgery cost, these are much better in comparison to what other super speciality hospitals in the country are charging today. With better treatment at affordable rates, the super speciality hospital definitely becomes the first choice. Speaking to people with different profiles from various sections, there emerges a consensus on the view that the new super speciality hospital is perhaps the best improvement that has happened in recent years in the sphere of healthcare in Jharkhand. Surely, it is a huge compliment but it also carries a big responsibility to provide the best possible specialised healthcare to millions of people in the state of Jharkhand.

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