The Next Big Thing in the Food Industry

Food and drink is constantly shifting trends and tastes. How?

When people started writing about kale cookbooks and farm productions, everyone started learning about the anti-oxidant benefits of kale. Kale may not be an anomaly in the produce section, but every once in a while a fruit or vegetable captures the attention of the people at large and they find skyrocketing interest in them. 

Food experts think that, the best way to understand where trends are coming from is to look towards the progressive consumers. They may not be “foodies”, but they definitely are obsessive about the choice of food that they are making. So much so that, social media also has an effect with what will be the next fruits and veggies to capture the public’s interest.

The best part, some chefs even scroll through “Instagram” looking for the next trends in food.

Sometimes, trends come from unexpected sources.

And with that, read on to find out the fruits, veggies and etcs that are going to be listed soon on the tips of every taste-buds:

Sea Food is growing in popularity

Some of the biggest and the best food and beverage industry see the popularity in sea vegetable growing. And Seaweed is one of the fastest-growing items at restaurants. Beside the potential health benefits, this food is also spreading over in various houses, across the world, through snack foods. And yes, recently seaweed chips have shown up in the grocery stores, too

Southeast Asia is a large consumer of Jackfruit

Southeast Asia is a large consumer of Jackfruit. Once it is cooked, it is eaten as vegan protein for its meat-like quality. Due to which, the consumption has also recently increased.  Some of the biggest health reasons have benefited the consumers to move towards choosing the plant-based burger world. Moreover; one of the primary reasons why   restaurants use such veggies is to mimic meat. 

But, restaurants are not alone in raising awareness of jackfruits. There are grocers also, who seemed to have capitalized this trend.  

Honey-nut Squash

Don’t be mistaken! This is not butternut squash. But it’s definitely close! Chefs from famous restaurants around the world, developed this tinier version of butternut squash. “It’s intensely flavored ― way more than a traditional butternut squash ― and you don’t have to use as much butter or maple syrup,” Abbott said. “It’s much easier to cook and chop. You don’t have to cut it in half. We’re seeing more and more retailers pick up honey-nut squashes.”

Mushrooms are not Veggies

Mushrooms technically are not vegetables, but consumers find this to be an edible fungus in the produce section. The popularity is rising every day with a big comeback going beyond the button, crimin and shiitake types of mushrooms. Mushrooms like chanterelles, king trumpets, lion’s mane and oyster with their tremendous nutritional benefits of vitamin D are really fun and very interesting.  

Anything Convenient, Colorful and Intensely Flavored

There is often a sinking feeling, when there is wilted and moldy universal  produce from the  refrigerators. People in peek into their refrigerators to find a note of guilt attached to the produce.  And these are mostly those things, which the consumers did not want to take out to cook and eat.

The idea of getting fresh and convenient is taking a toll among this generation. They help to  remove the guilt associated with fresh fruits and veggies, getting spoiled. However, food producers are stocking shelves with prepped, ready-to-eat produce. Some food critics and analysts think that, it’s all about food with intense and fresh flavors that can pop in the mouth like cherry tomatoes and citrus fruits like kumquats, limequats and mandarinquats, thereby imparting sour and tart flavors. Moreover, platforms like Instagram and Pinterest celebrates the visual elements of food. The look becomes the key of these fruits and veggies. Therefore, it comes first to the intensity of colours –purples, pinks and rainbows then comes the intensity of flavours.

Moreover, it’s about the diet as a whole spectrum. The more colours and varieties, the better.

Craft-beer: Pilsner Comeback and More Fruity Brews  

To find out what is progressing in the beer industry, the specialists say, “The first part of the craft-beer revolution was based on hoppy pale ales and IPAs primarily from the USA. This year, the pilsner, this 175-year-old iconic beer style, first brewed in the Bohemian town of Pilsen, and later refined in Denmark by Carlsberg, is in for a major comeback because it’s refreshing and light and it doesn’t have the high alcohol by volume associated with IPAs. We will also still see a lot of fruity ales and Belgian style sours entering the market, as drinkers search for new flavours,”

In fact, great potential is seen in 1664 Blanc wheat beer and it fits the trends towards being lighter, fruitier and easy-drinking beers, along with a hint of citrus and coriander spice. As per the global sales in 2017, 1664 Blanc will soon overtake Belgium abbey beer brand, which accounts for 4 brands out of 5 largest markets globally.  

Functional and Health Promoting Tea

In order to find out what is happening in the world of tea, there experts who think that, Consumers aren’t just looking for tea that looks and tastes great, but one that delivers functional benefits – from helping to sleep, supporting digestion even re-booting energy levels. Some teas having healthy, organic and sugar-free qualities are synonymous to the well-being of people at large.

With turmeric highlighting new flavours in tea, modern consumers are becoming more conscious about flavours and more adventurous about the health benefits. For instance, the “Pukka’s Turmeric Gold Tea” rocketed into top 20% of the world’s fruit and herbal category. “Pukka’s Turmeric Gold Tea”, blended with medicinal-grade herbs included not just turmeric but ginger, galangal and nettle to treat inflammation, to alleviate pain and support the joints.

Keeping that in mind, some of the world famous tea companies launched a new Lean Matcha Green tea. This is also done to show, how weight management is the most common health ambition in the world today, thereby supporting  metabolism and overall well-being.  

Spicy Flavours  adds to dinnertime creativity

Since more and more homes look forward to marinate their chicken, fish and other dinnertime creations with flavours instead of fat, they expect to see more herbs and spices, including Moroccan spice mix and a heady Ethiopian blend. Berbere and harissa also got released earlier this year.

CBD has Made Its Way 

CBD had made its way into cocktail menus in a big way in 2018. Well today, every trendy restaurant has at least one CBD drink on the menu. CBD macaroni and cheese has also listed the trend.

Chickpea Pasta 

With more protein and less carbs than traditional pasta, plenty of restaurants are expected to use gluten-free chickpea pasta in 2019.

Fermented and Preserved Foods has become the centre

Food waste has become the centre in most people’s consciousness. In fact, many people across the world would think of ways to keep food around that would otherwise go bad. Fermented foods are after all gut-healthy and full with pro-biotics. Therefore, fermentation and every form of preservation like pickling, canning, salting, which has almost become a regular hobby for most in this generation,  is definitely necessary in lives of the millennia. Preserved food is found in the famous restaurants, whether traditional or modern.  

Forbidden Rice

Deep purple “forbidden rice” was supposed to be reserved for the royalty in China, is expected to see more of a super-food in 2019, as it’s full of antioxidants, protein and fiber.


On the lifting of the decades old ban on industrial hemp, it is expected to see hemp-derived food products almost everywhere in 2019. From concrete alternatives to clothing products, uses of hemp can’t be underestimated. In fact, hemp seeds can be processed into oil, which is high in fatty acids and  cholesterol-reducing sitosterol, milk with great taste; protein powder and flour, which is gluten-free and high in protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.  

Home-made Jam

A haul of fruit from the farmers’ market or apple orchard may not always remain fresh. But turning them into home-made jam doesn’t prevent food waste. It rather becomes tasty side dip with some of the main course food.  

Ugly produce  

Almost 45% of fruits and vegetable produce are wasted every year. Some non-substantial amount is thrown out simply because they are not pretty enough to make to the grocery store shelves. However, in the past couple of years, some world-famous grocers have begun to find out ways to sell this “ugly” produce, expecting more brands and consumers join the wagon in 2019.

Israeli Cuisine

Since Israeli cuisine is fresh, flavorful, and healthy and inspires creativity, some of the greatest chefs of this world combine Israeli and Middle Eastern standbys like tahini, zhoug, matbukha, etc into their menus. Some of the best restaurants in the world have begun to embrace the traditional cuisine of Israel, to make dinners look good.   

Oats Milk  

Oat milk is here; so much so that, the die-hard fans are freaking out of the shortage of the stuff. These are creamier and fiber-rich, non-dairy milk product, packed with protein, expected to see massive sales in 2019. Moreover, with Quaker getting in on trend, oat milk is expected to be seen at the local coffee shop soon.  

Healthy-Swap Comfort Foods

Whether it is cauliflower or chickpea pizza crust, cauliflower pancakes, black bean brownies, zoodles or Cauliflower gnocchi with a cut back on calories, have become more popular amongst consumers as comfort foods. These healthy swaps not just taste better at home, but restaurants, these days are also getting on-board, with this healthy diet.

International Frozen Desert

“Fro-yo” is trending over! Taiwanese snow ice, Thai rolled ice cream, ice cream in Japanese fish-shaped waffle cones, etc and the like are some of the incredible frozen treats, which the world is finally taking note of. 

Healthier Desserts

Chocolate cake and other sweet treats is definitely good, but there’s always an opportunity to make a dessert healthy. And olive oil, nuts and seeds, quinoa, almond butter, goji berries, nothing’s off the table when it comes to dessert.  

Health Conscious: Back to Fat 

Having gone through a period of exoneration over the past few years, fat is neither no longer frowned upon, nor does it get treated as a “bad” guy, anymore. Several studies point at it being essential for the people’s overall health, including hormone function, skin condition and gut health. Therefore, fats from real butter, ghee, coconut oil and avocado oil are being praised as super food heroes.

Using Less Plastic

Banning all plastic containers is a first good step of the food industry in 2019. Bringing re-usable bags and containers from home are more emphasized upon. In fact, plastic cups, bags and cutlery are targeted for extinction.  

Packaging is a Huge Concern

Courtesy: Red Brick Research

Growing concerns around unnecessary product packaging as well as waste are going to be one of the major consumer trends of this year, according to Karen Deans, the Managing Director of field fare. Here she shares their concerns and innovative approach to this problem: “This is very topical currently and will certainly continue to dominate the food industry with consumers becoming increasingly concerned about the unnecessary amount of plastic on their food and the massive amount of food that is wasted on a daily basis,” she says.

Karen shares the approach field fare take on this matter: “field fare have been pioneers in this area as it was 40 years ago when they introduced the concept of selling frozen fruit and veg loose by the scoop from branded freezers, meaning minimum packaging and minimum waste too as customers can economically take as little or as much as they want.  With the added benefit of locked in nutrients it is easy to see why this concept has been so successful and is available in over 400 farm shops and delis nationwide.  The loose range has grown since then and now includes a wide range of loose pastries, both savory and sweet; pucks of cookie dough; Yorkshire puddings; and fish cakes,” she says.

In conclusion…

The food experts from across several sectors and foodies across the world will have a fantastic year, whenever food and drink are concerned. Particularly those, who might enjoy the comeback of the pilsner, or perhaps fruity ale. Some of the health-conscious lot might opt for an increasing function of  cup of tea, which is featuring buzzing ingredients from turmeric to Matcha. Thanks to the influence of celebrity chefs and greater variety of restaurants, as when it comes to flavours and spices, consumers will definitely opt for everything exotic and nice. Veganism will continue to grow, and it is expected to see mainstream brands offering meat and dairy-free products to satiate the demand. Since everyday is busier than the day before, there is no detriment to health, therefore veg packed bowls instead of soggy sandwiches, are considered better. Lastly, as concerns around the environment continue to build, consumers will look to brands to provide innovative packing solutions so they are not part of the plastic problem.

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