Why is a lockdown important to stop the spread of Coronavirus?

The only way to handle life’s challenges is by facing them. At this moment, the biggest challenge in front of people is the Novel Coronavirus or the newly-found COVID19.

Recent studies show that, this “crown-shaped” new breed of virus, gets transmitted from wild animals to humans and affects dangerously when a person carries it to another.

In December 2019, China reported having discovered this virus at Wuhan, at a sea-food market. With the spread of this virus, the death toll started rising in China. So it’s government decided to not only temporarily ban the sale of animals(potent vectors) in those markets and restaurants, but also carry out a complete lockdown of the city of Wuhan to stop the spread. 

This virus has symptoms like the dry cough, diarrhea, myalgia, respiratory problems which might range upto multi organ failure depending on the age, gender(victims 51% male), previous medical history of an individual. Athough lot of research has been done to invent an effective antidote, right course of treatment and proper medicines to control the infection and eradicate the disease, but there has not been any remarkable improvement till now.

From China this wave of epidemic has mutated itself quickly to a pandemic, striking several other countries like USA, UK, Middle East and Italy, the pandemic’s new epicenter. It shows that, it is crucial to be serious, isolate after proper detection and limit movements with absolute clarity, so that, not just the common population is saved, but the saviours, the doctors, risking their lives in this noble fight; are also saved.

While India, one of the most densely populated countries, at the wake of this pandemic, with many hospitals but limited beds takes lessons from Italy and currently finds its death toll rising from 100 nearing about 470, Indian Government, Doctors, Researchers and the Health Ministry plays a major role in rescue by setting in protocols like:

  • Wearing masks, preferably N95.
  • Using  effective sanitizing process (like washing  hands with soap and water or 40% or more alcohol-based hand sanitizer, sneezing or coughing with secured cover, limiting touch)
  • Tracking immigrants to India, conducting medical tests to detect presence of the virus in blood and isolation if found positive, for at least 14 days whether symptoms show or not.
  • Maintaining physical distancing by avoiding crowd for at least 6ft.
  • Studying the symptoms thoroughly, encouraging others to be educated about this new peril and when suspected visit a doctor.

At this moment, looking at the density of population and exponential curve in death tolls, the numero uno priority for India, is safety, if NCOV strikes, there’s no stopping, irrespective of any ground, be it social, economic or any other parameter. Moreover, since isolation and awareness are the pivotal points that might stop the upcoming disaster, PM Modi  has decided on a complete lockdown for the next 21 days, giving true meaning to #SocialDistancing.

PM Modi has declared that, this three-week nation-wide lockdown, starting from Tuesday, midnight, is the only way of breaking the Covid Infection Cycle. He has advised Indian citizens to stay home quarantined for the next 21 days, as one step outside the door can bring corona in, and take India 21 years backwards. This is done to save every Indian Citizen, their families and save India as a whole.

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