Why is it necessary to enjoy feasts with Friends and Family?

Do you remember those mothers who ensured eating food together, be it anytime of the day?

Yes, earlier, eating together with family was considered to be the most important aspect. This not just kept the family united, but helped in developing healthy eating habits in children and adults.

Unfortunately, with every passing day, the ritual, the culture and the feeling of age-old happiness in eating food together with the rest of the family is fading away. And these days when the food is eaten, it is usually eaten in front of the TV screen or on bed with the laptop.

It’s sad because eating together as family actually benefits both children and adults.

Read on to find out how:

Eating together builds relations

Due to busy schedules, modern families can only manage to eat together only once a day. But, the time they spent eating together is great for building relations. They can exchange words about the whole day, plan for the next day and talk about all the other things in life. So eating together is not just gobbling over the plate, when hungry. It’s actually sharing experiences, bonding with each other and building strong ties in family.

Eating Together Prevents Several Health Issues

Eating together; helps in monitoring the amount of food that every individual in the family is eating. It is seen that the portions they are eating is necessary, healthy and in control so that, no one has any kind of eating disorder. Moreover, several health issues are prevented.

Eating Together Releases Stress

Eating together with family during the moments of stress and tension; means talking about the problems to people who care. And this is one of the best ways to feel relaxed, release stress out of the body and maintain good health.

Eating Together is Cheaper

With the rise of various fast food centers and multi-cuisine restaurants, eating out  has definitely taken a toll on pockets.And therefore, it is cheaper and better to purchase vegetables and cook food for the house so that, everyone can have healthy, good and affordable food to eat.

Not just that!

In this technologically advanced world, people have almost forgotten to really appreciate good food or the cook. Therefore, eating together helps in appreciating the taste of the food more and teaches children good table manners.

May be with the fast-changing time, this tradition is slowly getting lost, but https://www.healthcatalyst.in/ suggests that this tradition is worth imbibing and the legacy can be passed on.

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